Our Story



We are a modern jewelry brand that is up to the challenge to fight against the fast fashion phenomenon through the creation of polished and intelligent everyday jewelry pieces. Our design is contemporary and timeless. We are interested in exploring the boundaries of jewelry pieces in the creation of a community of effortlessly chic.  

In recent years fast fashion has been affecting consumers' buying value and taste.  The fashion cycles are shorter given that big fashion giants rolling new collections every 6 to 8 weeks. The value of products decrease and the domino effect creates chain reaction to fashion related industries too, such as the jewelry and accessories industry.


Debbie Debster's collection is a mix of bold and significant everyday jewelry pieces for modern women. The iconic pieces can be worn from the business setting to a fun night out without any hassle. The collection integrates jewelry forms with body shapes and motion to increase the wearer's individuality as the jewelry turns itself into a statement piece to the whole look.

Debbie Debster launched the very first collection 'Prologue' in 2017. The designs are created by stepping out of the common visual perception. 

From sleek polished precious metals that wrap around the ear, interchanging delicate stacking rings to movable strong statement earrings, each piece is simplistic and full of character. The outcome is feminine with a masculine touch.


About the Designer

DEBBIE DEBSTER jewelry is founded by designer, Debbie Tsui. Her sleek and edgy design is a combination of shapes and precious metals. 

Tsui graduated from the College of Fine Arts (University of New South Wales) and persuades a career in the fashion and creative industry. 

She is highly influenced by her Graphics and Object Design background, and particularly fond of experimenting with silhouettes and shapes.

Tsui's unique perspective and experience practice make her work unhindered from technical limitation.  

Her training and fascination enables precious materials to bend with her creative vision.

Tsui believes that jewelry pieces should represent certain memories, feelings or even one's personality.

Therefore, her designs that are timeless and easy to carry.

It is a matter of quality and taste for one to stand out and be confident about their look.

" I wear what I feel. I love mix-and-matching my clothes and enhance my look with jewelry pieces. Jewelry expresses how I feel.

Therefore, I am constantly searching for modern jewelry which I can feel comfortable to put on, especially on a hasty morning.

Realise that a pair of stylish earrings or a contemporary necklace can upgrade the look instantly. 

 This makes me believe that every girl needs their own timeless collection that goes with their everyday look with no fuss or drama."

Apart from creating for Debbie Debster, Debbie also handcrafts personalized unique piece for selected clients.